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Sam Blakeslee Quintet - Selective Coverage


Order your physical copy of the Sam Blakeslee Quintet's debut album Selective Coverage with a personalized thank you note through the website TODAY using the PayPal link here: 


Official Release on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and more on 10/1/2017.


Featuring some of New York City's most in demand jazz musicians pianist Jorn Swart, bassist Cory Todd, drummer Dan Pugach, as well as Cincinnati-based guitarist Brandon Coleman, the Sam Blakeslee Quintet's repertoire features engaging and emotional original compositions in an interactive instrumental format. Instead of choosing to emulate a saxophone or trumpet, trombonist and composer Sam Blakeslee uses a more heartfelt and lyrical approach to his improvising on his debut album.

This collection of songs represents the process of coming into your own as an individual. Each composition is chronologically meaningful to my own development as a trombonist, composer, and husband over the past four years as well as racially charged events that have inspired my writing. The title track Selective Coverage is based on the unfair media coverage of minorities and the ongoing struggle to provide universal healthcare for all people. 


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